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Q: What will we be doing for 3 hours?


A: Cruising through the city listening to authentic Atlanta hip-hop (old school and new school) while checking out the areas that raised key contributors to the culture and becoming knowledgeable on what made Atlanta what it is today. There’s a lot to see here and we want to show you as much as we can in the time we have together. 

Q: Where do we meet?


A: The Colony Square building 1197 Peachtree Street NE Atlanta,                       
Ga 30361 right outside of FIVE CHURCH.


Q: Where should I park? 


A: There is $15 paid parking one block from the pickup location at the corner of 12th street and PeachtreeStreet directly across from the Oceanaire restaurant. There is also parking at the Colony Square building. Parking there is generally between $20-$22.

Q: Is this tour wheelchair accessible?


A: At this present time we cannot accommodate wheelchairs, but the bus is accessible for those with limited mobility if they are assisted by a companion.


Q: Will there be a lot of walking?


A:  We walk for about 15 minutes at the MLK memorial site. There may also be a few stops for photo ops that will require very little walking. You are welcome to stay on the bus if you have trouble walking.


Q: What will happen if it rains?


A: Hip Hop Tours Of Atlanta runs rain or shine. We only cancel tours for extreme weather conditions. We do suggest you bring an umbrella on rainy days. 



Q: What methods of transportation are used?


A: We use a large suv for tours of 5 & an in 15 passenger sprinter with large windows and plenty of space.



Q: Is this tour kid friendly? 


A: Yes. All children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.


Q: Should we expect additional expenses?


A: All of our stops are free 

Q: Are tips included?


A: Tips are not included but are definitely welcomed.

Q: How do I get a refund ?

A:  Deposit and complete bookings are non - refundable. 

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